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NionCom Announces the Introduction of the MemoryKick™ Vision™ Tablet with an Embedded Projector

PicoPros: NionCom Announces the Introduction of the MemoryKick™ Vision™ Tablet with an Embedded Projector

Today, NionCom announces the official introduction of the MemoryKick™ Vision™ tablet, a device for media management, business productivity, and gaming applications. The Vision™ tablet is an extension of the MicroVision Arrow™ mini-tablet shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early-January. They both share many components and features.

The MemoryKick™ Vision™ is designed to be the ultimate productivity tool. A user can load all their business documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ImageAMMO™), photos, and videos on one device for use anywhere. Files can be rapidly transferred between several storage locations. The Vision™ has the capacity to store hundreds of hours of video due to the fact that it has a 500GB to 1TB hard drive, depending on the configuration. In either case, this is remarkably more storage than can be found on devices such as the iPad and the like. These competing devices use very costly flash memory, limiting them to about 64GB of storage or less - barely enough to store a couple HD-quality movies.

A generous 4.3" capacitive touch screen allows for easy management of files, browsing the internet, gaming, and access to many unique applications. The Vision™ tablet also includes applications for streaming live television content through Wi-Fi connectivity. Even VOIP-based phone calls can be made on the device. In addition, an embedded laser projector provides the flexibility for viewing content anywhere - with no need to focus. Whatever is being displayed on the screen can be projected for a large, immersive experience. The Vision™ tablet packs all the functionality of a laptop - and more - into a small, ultra-portable device.

The MemoryKick™ Vision™ tablet is expected to be available in Q2 2011, priced in the mid-$500 range, available worldwide and at prominent retailers in the United States. The Vision™ tablet offers a multitude of unique features that we will describe in follow-up artilces. So, stay tuned for more details and photos of the device, coming soon!