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Foxconn-Sharp to Begin Mass Production of Green Laser in October for AI Speaker, HUD, HMD Applications

Sharp raises the output of the green laser more than 4 times, realizing a bright projector

Assumed application to AI speaker, HUD, HMD

Nozawa Tetsuo = Nikkei x TECH / Nikkei Electronics

 Sharp announced that it will mass-produce in October 2018, developing an output 130 mW semiconductor laser device that emits green light (wavelength 520 nm) without using a fluorescent material. It is the first time for the company to emit green light with an output exceeding 100 mW, "the highest level in the industry with single mode products (beam shape is round)" (the company).
 Sharp announced a green light emitting semiconductor laser device in October 2017, but the wavelength was slightly bluish at 515 nm, and the output was 30 mW. This time, it increased the light output to more than 4 times and at the same time increased the purity of green. The threshold current is 100 mA. The operating current is 300 mA as standard, and the operating voltage is 6.8 V. The efficiency when converting input power to light is assumed to be 6.37%. The beam divergence angle is parallel and 7 degrees standard, vertical and 22.5 degrees same.
Sharp's new and old green light emitting laser comparison demonstration
Right newly developed wavelength of 520 nm, 130 mW output product. The left is an existing element with a wavelength of 515 nm and an output of 30 mW. You can see that the left is slightly bluish.
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 The green laser device to be newly mass-produced is "GH 0521DA 2 G" of diameter (Φ) 5.6 mm TO-CAN type and "GH 0521 DA 5 G" of Φ 3.8 TO-CAN type. Both sample prices are tax included and 10,800 yen. Sample shipment in early August 2018, start mass production in early October. The mass production scale is assumed to be 500,000 pieces per month.