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TP-Link Introduces Neffos P1 Laser Projector Smartphone with Microvision PicoP

Neffos P1 Smartphone by TP-Link

TP-Link is the first billion-dollar enterprise to launch a PicoP embedded smartphone. TP-Link reported revenue of $2.1B in 2016.

What a great website for the new PicoP phone from TP-Link.
Learn more about TP-Link, self-proclaimed #1 provider of Wi Fi routers worldwide, and by virtue of the launch of the Neffos P1, a new GTM partner launching Microvision technology (and their Display-Only licensee's) into the marketplace.
The YouTube video says the phone is targeted to launch in Malaysia, population 31.2 million. Malaysia is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.
My personal experience with TP-Link wifi routers is that they are excellent quality, have a powerful signal, are durable and consistently working. So I'm not surprised that according to their site, they shipped 80 million wi fi products last year.
TP-Link's fast growing Neffos brand sounds aspirational in this great description:
About Neffos
Who We Are
Neffos, created by TP-Link, global provider of networking products , signifies the beginning of our long-awaited entrance into the smartphone market in 2015. With the current accumulation of technology in the communication industry, providing customers worldwide with a truly seamless mobile experience is one that Neffos aims to see fulfilled.
Neffos is a brand that is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, implementing strict Quality Assurance practices and effective outreach initiatives. It consistently focuses on the needs of end users to create superior products of the highest quality.
The Neffos range aims to strike the perfect balance between smart technology and stylish design. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it cultivates a harmonious relationship with people to power their everyday lives. The beauty behind the device design is something that goes deeper than what can merely be seen on the surface. It is an appreciation of not only the aesthetic aspects that make up a remarkable device, but a continued celebration of all of the lives that use it. Harness the ability to capture the essence of life in a moment, and save the beauty of it all for a lifetime.
TP-Link's proven stability, excellence and design ensure stable performance from your smartphone, the most essential device in your connected life. Designing reliable networking products and accessories for 21 years, TP-Link is consistently ranked as world's No. 1 WLAN provider, delivering Wi-Fi to over 170 countries and hundreds of millions of people. The result is Neffos, a smartphone that is as reliable as TP-Link.
h/t KCDreaming et al Reddit MVIS crew.