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Goertek Describes 2.4M LBS Module Manufacturing Capacity

Goertek Describes 2.4M LBS Module Manufacturing Capacity

In this post dated September 2017, Goertek describes their manufacturing capacity for LBS modules.
After two years of development, Goer currently has three micro-projection module production lines with a production capacity of 200,000 sets / month of micro-projection system modules. At present, Goer has already achieved mass production of micro-projection module products, and has invested in the mobile phone market application.

Gore micro-projection interactive module live demonstration effect 
At present, Gore can provide more mature ultra-thin micro-projection modules and micro-projection module product solutions with intelligent interactive functions. In addition to micro-projection modules that have been mass-produced and applied to mobile phones, Goer is currently developing micro-projection modules for smart audio, smart lights, personal servo robots and smart accessories. In the future, Goer will continue to develop and iterate in the field of LBS technology, improve the optical path / optical machine development and design capabilities and micro-projection module system design capabilities, and is committed to providing customized hardware terminals such as mobile phones, smart speakers and AR. LBS solution micro-projection module and 3D sensing module solution.
In terms of micro-projection, Goer is the only layout in China. (Laser Beam Scanning) A company that uses laser beam scanning technology and self-manufacturing technology. Compared with other mainstream micro-projection technologies, LBS technology has the advantages of miniaturization of optical machine, infinite focal length, high color saturation, high contrast, low power consumption, easy integration with TOF technology, etc. It can provide a projection + touch overall solution. 

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