Ragentek's Green Orange to Launch 2nd Gen Laser Projector Phone in September

Ragentek's brand Green Orange is launching a second-generation laser projection phone next month. This seems that it should make it more likely that the $4M in 2H18 revenue associated with their original order for laser projector modules may be realized.

Green Orange's expressed commitment to laser projection as their key innovation, suggests that there may be further opportunities with this customer.

Article Summary:
  • VOGA2 includes improved RAM, camera, larger screen, faster charging, face unlock and high-end carbon fiber finish
  • VOGA2 planned to launch in September
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Interview with Wang Xun, the founder of Qing Orange Mobile, the second generation of projection mobile phones will be listed soon

Editor in charge: Lu Meng 2018.08.14 20:40 Source: Communication World All Media
Green orange mobile phone

Communication World Network News (CWW) The mobile phone market in 2018 can be described by the words “for the future”. All parties are concerned about overseas markets, market segments, and 4G to 5G conversion markets.

Among them, head brand manufacturers are becoming the leader and popularizer of new technologies. These flagship mobile phones use the latest technology or innovative design to lead the current functional and design trends of smart phones.

The good news is that the second echelon brand manufacturers are also constantly paying attention to the market development trend and changes in user demand, and actively looking for a development strategy that suits them.

For them, this year and next year is crucial, how to seize the opportunity on the eve of 5G, upgrade the product while strengthening the brand influence, find their own living space in the fiercely competitive market? With these questions, this reporter interviewed Wang Xun, the founder of Green Orange Mobile.

Reporter: As the founder of the Green Orange mobile phone brand, what do you think of the mobile phone market in 2018.

Wang Xun: I personally look at this year's market with several characteristics:

First, the total market decline, mobile phone shipments in the first half of this year fell by 18%. The main reason is that the incremental market has shrunk sharply, and the inventory market has been slowed down due to the slowdown in product allocation requirements, extending from the original 10 months to the current 22 months.

Second, the brand is highly centralized. The market share of the top five brand manufacturers in smartphones is close to 90%. In addition, the overall market of mobile phones has rapidly declined. The market survival space of small and medium-sized brands has been squeezed. Without core technology breakthroughs, brands The market structure will not change much in the short term.

Third, the user experience is getting better and better. With the consumption upgrade, 3D structured light technology, screen fingerprint technology, telescopic camera, laser projection technology and other black technology, it will bring more diverse choices to users.

Reporter: Under the above market conditions, why should the Green Orange brand push the second generation of projection mobile phones?

Wang Xun: Let me first review the development process of Green Orange. The Green Orange brand was officially launched on April 19, 2012. Our brand aim is to be user-centered, driven by technological innovation and model innovation. + Change life as your responsibility and provide customers with an unusual experience.

In the development of six years, 360, Ali, JD, China Telecom, China Mobile launched a variety of customized mobile phones, which won the praise of the market. In 2013, it launched the first domestic customized C2B customized mobile phone. In 2014, it launched the domestic leading VOGA V1 outdoor sports mobile phone. In 2016, it cooperated with operators and launched the first full Netcom mobile phone. In 2017, it launched the world's first and most mobile phone. Thin laser projection phone.

The mobile phone market space is large enough, but you can't try every opportunity. Especially in the current situation, you have to make a choice and stick to the road of product differentiation.

The Green Orange brand takes laser projection technology as its core, deeply cultivates market segments, and takes advantage of our small and fast spirits, focusing on resources and establishing its own product barriers. Since the beginning of 2016, the development of laser projection technology and mobile phone integration has overcome many technical difficulties. Over the past year, the first generation of laser projection mobile phone VOGA V has been launched, allowing users to experience large-screen projection anytime and anywhere, bringing great users. Surprise, this year we will launch the second generation of laser projection mobile phone VOGA2, a full upgrade of the previous generation of mobile phones, plans to go public in September this year, bringing more surprises to consumers.

With our successful cooperation in the markets, channels, products and other fields in Europe, South Asia, South America, Africa and other regions, we continue to promote the advantages of VOGA V laser projection mobile phones to the global market, and jointly create laser projection as the core. Smart ecology.

Based on the technical advantages of laser projection and mobile phones, Green Orange will also be deployed in the fields of finance, education and medical care to provide valuable intelligent product solutions for the industry.

Reporter: What changes will happen to the mobile phone that will be released next month and the previous generation?

Wang Xun: After the release of VOGA V, we also had in-depth communication with users, and comprehensively upgraded the key performance and experience of users.

One is to upgrade from 4G RAM to 6G RAM, let users really say goodbye to Caton.

The second is the use of 16M F1.8 large aperture 6P high-performance camera, the effect of the dark shot is significantly improved, while using AI technology to enhance the camera effect, to obtain better imaging results in different scenarios.

The third is to charge from the original charging for four hours, to two hours to complete the charging, charging for one hour, continuous projection for three hours.

Fourth, the display is upgraded to a 6-inch full screen of 18:9, the screen size becomes larger, and the grip of the mobile phone remains comfortable.

The fifth is the use of sports car-grade carbon fiber texture as the fuselage surface, reflecting the high-end luxury taste.

Through software upgrades, the user experience has been comprehensively improved, such as: face unlocking, private security system, application of freezer, face-age photo, call background sound, etc.

Reporter: What do you think of the future of the mobile phone industry?

Wang Xun: I have personally done mobile phones for more than ten years. Our team is also a veteran of the communication. The mobile phone is the foundation and soul of our development. The industrial complex drives us to actively deploy future technologies. We are very optimistic about the future 5G market. Now, IoT technology has connected space, people and things, forming the Internet of Everything, big data is the terminal computing, cloud computing is effectively combined, AI technology has also broken through the original computing power limit, empowering massive data for the benefit Intelligent life.

The massive high-speed connection brought by 5G technology will bring huge breakthroughs in application fields in many fields such as medical and security, and create more market opportunities. We will actively deploy vertical industry and develop 5G in the industry. The application of the field makes the Green Orange brand bring more surprises to users and bring more value to the industry.


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