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Foxconn-Sharp RGB, IR Laser Product Flyer Shows LBS Module and Applications

Foxconn-Sharp RGB, IR Laser Product Flyer (PDF)

Here is a product flyer for a laser diode family offered by Foxconn-Sharp, dated September 2018.

We can see the wavelengths and power ranges of each laser, and the diode's size in the table on page 2.

For the RGB lasers, we see the laser scanning module at the center of the page, with outputs pointing to AR/MR, Head Up Display, a tabletop display in a 'smart speaker' looking device, and a handheld device with laser projection.

For the IR lasers, we see security and automotive LIDAR applications, both applications specifically targeted by MVIS.

This flyer suggests that laser beam scanning technology is the targeted path to market applications for Foxconn-Sharp's laser diode business.

h/t  view-from-afar, L-Urch for translated version

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