DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

Microvision Q3 2018 Audio Blog

Here are some thoughts on Q3 call, the PR, go-to-market strategy, recognition of the technical team and other musings. Listen to "October 29, 2018" on Spreaker.


  1. "Presumably Foxconn"
    Tell me why this partner would not be STI.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lawrence, I make that presumption because:

      1. Sharp includes MVIS components, modules and products in their recent sales presentations on laser diodes.
      2. Sharp mentioned to an attendee at the CEATAC trade show they would launch an MVIS-powered pico projector.
      3. A company that did not own the license to market MVIS tech would not go-to-market with a display-only MVIS product or include MVIS tech in their laser diode sales presentations.
      4. Sharp is owned by Foxconn.

      That said, we'll see.

  2. Hi Ben,

    You mentioned in your "Microvision Q3 2018 Audio Blog", that Perry Mulligan during the last conferance call promised that there would be no new round og financing until they had an order to offset burnrate.

    I cant find that quote when listening to the conferance call,

    Where did you get this information?




      this is the transcript of Mulligan's presentation at HC Wainwright on Sep 5 2018. here is the relevant portion.

      In the past, we've demonstrated our willingness to explore just about every vehicle available to developing relationships with our customers. We are committed to providing module solutions. That's what we're marketing to the Street today. We have executed development of modules and components for others. We've also licensed some of our products ODM and OEM. And we've done engineering services works. And I commit to you that we will continue to invest in all of those vehicles, before we come and try to do any other dilution or any other form of equity raise, that isn't advantageous to us. So, we have lots of arrows in our quiver.


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