TechInsights PicoP Projector Tear Down

MicroVision, based in Redmond WA, now in partnership with STMicroelectronics, has been a technology leader in the small form factor laser beam scanning (LBS) projector market. Recently, TechInsights analysed samples of two consumer projects based on the MicroVision-STMicroelectronics LBS projector technology, which is marketed under the PicoP® scanning technology brand. Here, we will summarize some of the results of our reverse engineering of this ingenious technology.
The PicoP technology is presently found in the MP-CL1A mobile projector from Sony and in the VOGA V projector phablet from China-based Ragentek. TechInsights found the MP-CL1A to contain a 5-laser MicroVision module, while the VOGA V contains a 3-laser module. Both projectors used the same STMicroelectronics-fabricated magnetically-actuated scanning silicon mirror die. This article focuses on the Sony device.
The MicroVision micromirror MEMS technology is an exquisite example of MEMS engineering and design. TechInsights has additional analysis available on this technology, including cross-sectional analysis of the MEMS die, which is summarized in our recent report here.
h/t ppr_24_hrs