DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

New MicroVision Interactive Display Engine Video

MicroVision’s Interactive Display PicoP® Scanning Engine provides an integrated solution for projected display and interactivity in a single module. This complete solution of hardware, software and machine learning at the edge delivers a unique interactivity experience and a large, always-in-focus display with our best-in-class combination of brightness, resolution, size and power consumption. MicroVision’s technology enables the next level of interaction for IoT and AI Platforms. With our technology, customers develop a more natural user experience by adding sight, touch and gesture to existing voice interactions so that virtual digital devices are more useful to consumers.


  1. How is this being projected? Does one need a stationary overhead projector?
    I wonder if MVIS is competing with numerous other vendors out there? The
    technology does not appear unique.

    1. there is an MVIS projector and 3d sensing module embedded in the smart speaker.

      Key features:

      Display and 3D sensing-based interactivity in a single integrated engine
      Compact engine size capable of producing a large, 15” interactive display from a height of 9.4”
      Multi-mode operation:
      - Projection Display: Table top and wall modes
      - Interactivity: Multi-touch and mid-air gestures
      High definition, always-in-focus images
      Vivid, saturated colors and intense contrast ratio
      Sensing and display field of views are coincidental


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