DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

WallStreetCN Reports on MVIS Partnerships

This lengthy article published on WallstreetCN describes the Augmented Reality market landscape in great detail, including display technologies, optics, OEMs and platforms. 

Described here is MVIS partnership with Foxconn for Display Only, and with Microsoft as display engine provider for Hololens 2.

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AR micro-projection market : Foxconn, the main competitor in LBS, purchases Microvision [DISPLAY ONLY] license from Sharp, MicroVision is the pioneer of PicoP scanning technology, and PicoP scanning technology is a laser beam scanning (LBS) for micro-projection and 3D sensing applications. technology. For different application needs, MicroVision has launched three display engines based on PicoP scanning technology, namely small size display engine, lidar sensing engine and interactive display engine.
Also included was this table of AR products and their technologies and key display component suppliers. 

For your reference, here's a post from October 2018 supposing Foxconn as MVIS' display licensee based on the publication of this document and talking about what they might bring to the table.  

Discussion of evidence of MVIS and MSFT collaboration on Hololens 2 has been covered extensively on the r/MVIS Reddit

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