2020 ASM Recap and Replay


NO on New Shares Authorized.
No further share issuance is planned. 

YES on Reverse Split Authorization (if necessary to maintain Nasdaq compliance)

Sumit Sharma on AR: "Our company started 20 years ago, developing augmented reality micro displays for the military. In the future we expect growth in the AR market <cut out> Microvision to enable headset products to Multiple OEMS. Our proprietary technology would allow OEMs to develop products that could offer wide fields of view, high resolution of display, and work in full sunlight."

"I have talked about my personal belief, that long-term, Microvision technology will unlock billions of dollars of market revenue for us, and our OEM partners".

Focus is on selling the entire company or individual verticals. 
COVID19 has not affected the company and work continues. 
Confirmed the part shown in this individual's HoloLens 2 teardown video is a MicroVision part.