MVIS Brands LiDAR Product "MAVIN"

Lidar’s Critical Role in Next Gen Autonomous Driving

Today, MicroVision is focused on bringing our expertise to the exciting field of automotive lidar. Our lidar hardware and perception software will enable automotive OEMs to deliver a new generation of ADAS safety features at highway speeds. MAVIN, the latest integrated lidar system from MicroVision, will see farther, with greater clarity, and respond faster to emerging situations.

Our commitment to OEMs doesn’t stop at enabling their ADAS with ultra high-resolution point cloud data. Built with materials known to OEM supply chains, MicroVision hardware is scalable, sourceable, and supports a lower cost structure allowing OEMs to bring next gen ADAS features to more drivers in more cars.

“In the future, MicroVision expects to offer its Level 3 ADAS solution with two lidar sensors, a reduced number of long-range radar and cameras, with our new, dynamic-view system able to send this fused data to the domain controller. This eliminates the need for high computing power and allows for lower latency and faster calculations. The result is better data processing speeds, sleeker hardware, and a more affordable lidar system for our customers,” said Dr. Thomas Luce, Vice President of Business Development at MicroVision.

Collaboration: MicroVision aims to provide OEMs with a fully-integrated lidar solution that will enable the next wave of ADAS, defining the next era of differentiation in the auto industry. This approach allows OEMs to maintain control over the driving experience with the ability to leverage the point cloud to develop innovative new safety features as a basis of differentiation.

Authentic Results: Delivered through a mature OEM partnering philosophy that emphasizes collaboration and joint development over empty promises of “turn-key” products, our test track performance shows that we are ready for highway speeds. 

As autonomous driving comes ever closer to reality, lidar systems are proving to be a critical component. Automotive manufacturers will need to choose a partner that progresses OEMs’ ADAS into the next generation with a system that delivers safety, accuracy, and reliability from our city streets to interstate highways.