Tech Convergence Will Spur Demand for New ADAS Technology

Suzuki-Owned AV Platform Uses Ten MicroVision Sensors per Vehicle

Suzuki Invests in Applied EV

- Accelerate the software development for next generation mobility -

Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”) has invested in Applied Electric Vehicles Ltd (Headquarters: Australia, CEO: Julian Broadbent, hereinafter “Applied EV”) to accelerate the software development for next generation mobility.

Applied EV is an Australian Technology company that has strengths in software for electrification and autonomous driving applications.

Suzuki entered into an agreement with Applied EV in September 2021 and has since been evaluating the possibility of future collaboration.

The Suzuki investment in Applied EV is another step to strengthen the relationship between the two companies and realize synergies like manufacturing and new business models.

Suzuki will continue to build relationships with companies like Applied EV that possess unique technologies, to accelerate the development of next generation mobility and provide a variety of transport solutions that will benefit people and society.


In another significant milestone for Applied EV, and in partnership with Ibeo, we’re delighted to see Blanc Robot autonomous vehicles leaving Australian shores for their first appearance in Hamburg, Germany. 

Blanc Robot – and the ‘Digital Backbone’ centralised control system which underpins its software controlled operation – is a significant step forward in the commercialisation of autonomous vehicle technology. Ibeo partnership vehicles will be equipped with ten ibeoNEXT sensors and the Ibeo Driver software, enabling the Blanc Robot platform for Level 4 autonomous driving. Blanc Robot’s modular platform will enable these vehicles to be configured to meet a multitude of use cases, from an autonomous passenger carrier to a parcel delivery solution or even a transporter for heavy work equipment. 

Blanc Robot will make its German debut at ITS Hamburg, on the Ibeo trade stand, from October 11 to October 15.