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MVIS Blog Person of the Month 9/2004

This month's MVIS Blog Person of the Month is inventor/futurist author Ray Kurzweil.

His book The Age of Spiritual Machines and his Law of Accelerating Returns have had a transforming effect on my worldview by illustrating that changes are going to come more rapidly each year than the year before -- and that the sum of these changes will transform society, and humanity itself.

If someone as accomplished as Mr. Kurzweil (he is the inventor of speech recognition software and realistic audio synthesis) says that Microvision displays will be in widespread consumer use in the next five years (see Spiritual Machines chapter '2009'), then I'm going to cast my lot with him.

Ray's vision of the future is vivid, compelling, and backed with undeniable facts -- and it is a vision where Microvision investors are richly rewarded.

In a time when the immediate term is all that people seem able to consider, a peek over the hillside into what awaits us in just a few short years can do wonders. Mr. Kurzweil's understanding of the technological advances that will shape the rest of this decade and beyond is unparalleled. He understands the importance of Microvision's technology and how it will bridge the gap between humans and our intelligent, and eventually spiritual, machines.