MicroVision and Pioneer to Jointly Commercialize Innovative Laser Display Products

MicroVision Unveils Second-Generation Laser Pico Projector, SHOWWX+

Microvision Enhances Patent Position Through Purchase of Motorola Portfolio

Microvision Integrates First Direct Green Lasers into Pico Projector Prototypes

Joystiq: Project Tuatara preview: Enter 'infinite reality'

Happy Tuesday!

Dave Lashmet with Project Tuatara at ComicCon

Project Tuatara @ QuakeCon 2010 - Infinite Reality

Microvision Collaborates with Capcom and Intel to Introduce New Gaming Experience, Infinite Reality

Tech NW Tokman Interview


OASIS: Smart kitchen countertop makes you smarter than a cook

Green laser market to reach $500m by 2016

Report: Pocket Projector Market Poised for Rapid Growth

Microvision Announces First Quarter 2010 Results

Redmond, WA company creates laser projector the size of an iPod

SHOWWX Powered Art Exhibit: Desire of Codes

SXSW Thoughts

Gadgets Sweep Tech World at SXSW 2010

Microvision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector Available for Sale to U.S. Customers

NPR: A Tribute To The Laser, 50 Years On

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Day 3 = media frenzy


An evil petting zoo?

The Dr. Is In

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