MVIS Blog Person of the Month 9/2004

EU funds innovative European ambient intelligence infrastructure

The Invisible Train

FY05 Phase II Selections Army Research Office SBIR

The Law of Accelerating Returns

New Patent Awarded

Gaming majors to showcase the latest technology at GITEX Computer Shopper 2004

Top 20 Tools: Tools That Defy Convention

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MVIS Blog Week in Review 9/25/04

Microvision's CEO to Present at Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 2004

Random Notes

World's Largest Honda Dealer Deploys Nomad

Getting computer vision systems to recognise reality

#1 Lexus Dealer Loves Nomad

Wearable Transcends Portable

$25,000 Nomad Sale to US Army

A Quick Note About MVIS #1 Owner

Welcome New Readers

Uncommissioned Sales

Associated Press - A new twist in the old car-repair shop

Dallas Morning News: Digital data screen may be future of auto repair

MVIS Blog Week in Review 9/17/2004

Towards Augmented Reality Gaming

AR Goes Out To See

Microvision to Showcase Nomad at Honda Dealer Conference

Overheard on the web...

IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 04)

Canon, Toshiba team up for flat-screen venture, SED Inc.

The Back of the Envelope

Keep on Truckin'

Stryker Nomad in Jane's Defence Weekly

One More

Tech Success: 'Heads up' takes on fresh meaning for Army